Bulk SMS Services Kashmir

Bulk SMS

SMS has become way of life, with the new messaging technology, there is a great help in generating SMS Alerts and Alarms and Event specific SMS es from Websites and Software Applications. National IT solutions provides both, SMS Broadcasting Program as well as SMS Integration with specific Modules in Website or Software Application.

  • General Program: – Program has form where in you can save your contacts Group Wise with their names, Email Address, Contact Nos. and Mobile No. All Contacts are grouped with Group Names.
  • SMS Broadcast – SMS Broadcast can be done to single mobile no. / Multiple Mobile Nos. through a form which will have display of Mobile Nos. of Contacts through extensive search facilities. Contacts can be seen Group wise also.
  • Contacts Import – All contacts can be imported from a pre formatted MS Excel Sheet which will be provided by National IT solutions.
  • Reports – Report of Successful SMS’es sent.
  • Highlights of the Program :
  • Secured Login : Username and Password based secured login onto our server
  • Manage Group : Definition of various groups
  • Manage Contacts : Definition of Contacts with details under Various Groups.
  • Backup : we provide one click backup for the email addresses with various group
  • SMS Integration with Website / Software: – We also are providing SMS integration with any specific event on the website or Software. Also we can provide Auto SMS at a specific time with specific data with respect to the Website or Software to one or many users.

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